Corporation details - Khanid Propulsion Systems [KPROP]
Alliance: None CEO: Tristan daCuhna
Kills: 43 HQ: Egghelende V - Moon 13 - University of Caille
Losses: 17 Members: 21
ISK destroyed: 2.53B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 1.10B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 69.62% Website:

Public Channel: kprop
Or Join KPROP Public discord

Recruitment: Open

To apply, evemail your API and a youtube link to your favourite KPOP video to Tristan daCuhna.

[23:06:41] Nemeriah > overheated gleam from a t3d and you still win. dogshit balance

Evasive Shadow Assassin > just one stupid ship to the next with u guys aint it

Evasive Shadow Assassin > SERIOUSLY
Evasive Shadow Assassin > That's just fucking retarded

Elise Randolph > ur still gr8

Saint Lucifer > you guys are serious pieces of shit
Saint Lucifer > like 24/7 doing shit like that
Saint Lucifer > you will never get another fight from me
Saint Lucifer > guaranting fucking teed
Saint Lucifer > go fuck yourself

Kill: Special Op (Sin)
Special Op > gf, no lol.
Special Op > dunked, yes

cjunkies > you just a shiitter who ruins eve

Yosima Alicanthe > cancer much?

GazBoi08 > god you guys are pathetic

Kill: Ritto (Imperial Navy Slicer)
Ritto > is this what youve resorted to

Kill: Permanent Paroxysm (Imperial Navy Slicer)
mchlhldr > gf
Permanent Paroxysm > no, fuck off you lot

Kill: Sarah PoopyStick (Dramiel)
Sarah PoopyStick > lol
Sarah PoopyStick > week
mchlhldr > gf
Sarah PoopyStick > no at gusy suck
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